Businessman turned Bible teacher, Tim McCarty, is often known for his spiral gumball machine business, which sold units in every state in the U.S. and in 13 countries around the world.

By 31 years old, Tim built four multi-million dollar companies. The last company, which was “managed horribly by me,” as Tim puts it, left Tim and his family $900,000 in debt. That caused Tim to radically turn to God and the Bible for financial answers.

After receiving some desperately needed answers, Tim built another million dollar company, which operated very profitably, debt free, from the time it opened until the day it was sold. 

A​fter Tim sold his last company, he began to start another and the Lord spoke to him about going a different direction. Today, Tim speaks at churches and conferences around the world, regularly teaching on:

- Biblical Finances and Wealth
- Marriage and Family
- Healing, Faith, and Deliverance
- Current Issues Facing the Body of Christ

Tim is a very passionate teacher and preacher of the Word and his practical way of sharing biblical principles inspires faith, imparts revelation, and provides healing to thousands across America and around the world.

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Tim McCarty Ministries 
PO Box 944
Stapleton, Alabama 36578

Pastor Joey with RCI introduces - and testifies about - Tim McCarty 

In this clip, Tim begins the discussion of how "wealth" (having assets that produce a FLOW) is different & better than "riches" 

Tim McCarty