My Story and Vision

Over 30 years ago, I received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and became ADDICTED to God and His amazing Word! While others were going to parties, I was always looking for the next ON FIRE – Word of Faith – Holy Ghost Anointed - service that I could RUN to.

This addiction caused me to Go farther – FASTER – than I could've ever hoped for on my own. And when trouble hit (and it always does sooner or later), it seemed like wisdom was always available to provide a path forward when none seemed possible.

This addiction caused me to cry out to God and hang on to His Word (with every fiber of my being) when my daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy. (Thank God for His mercy and grace - she was healed and delivered over 20 years ago.) It also caused me to dig for answers when I found myself $900,000 in debt and practically hopeless due to a business that went upside down. (Thank God He’s the “Great I Am” and came thru again.)

This addiction to God and His ways is LIFE SAVING! (In more ways than one.) . . . And it’s something that I feel a mandate to share.

To accomplish this, Tim McCarty Ministries participates in church meetings, conferences, school events, summer camps, and retreats, teaching and preaching Biblical principles and training people on how to utilize those principles - so that ultimately they’ll become overcomers in their own life and equally important, they'll become a positive influence to the world around them.

Our vision also includes helping to raise up Christian leaders, and participating in certain projects and events that will help steer the culture in line with His.

If you're reading this site, I hope our paths will cross one day, and if it does, I pray and trust that something will be imparted so that your walk with Him will be closer than ever before.

Many Blessings,

Tim McCarty Ministries 
PO Box 944
Stapleton, Alabama 36578

Tim McCarty



“Tim … has a now word, a sound word, one that will inspire your people, family and friends to press into God like never before…”

- Pastor Roger, Alabama